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Global Disposal offers real estate developers peace of mind in knowing the waste program will not be a cause for delays, sales problems, or future community dissatisfaction.

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We help developers achieve state and local waste compliance.

Global Disposal offers real estate developers peace of mind in knowing the waste program will not be a cause for delays, sales problems, or future community dissatisfaction.

How Global Disposal Can Help

Global Disposal has assisted developers throughout Southern California and beyond to create compliant, efficient, green, and economically-friendly waste programs for their communities. We’ve worked with developers in the early planning stages, allowing us to avoid waste-program pitfalls from the start.  However, we’ve also been called in post-development to solve problems in already-built communities.  

Intelligent Project Waste Planning

Let Global Disposal consult with you on your building and community specs to ensure your development is able to accommodate a waste program that meets hauler standards as well as state and local requirements.

How we help your intelligent project waste plan

  • State and local waste compliance
  • Building Specs
  • Community Specs

Intuitive HOA Formation and Ongoing Waste Program Management

At Global Disposal, we specialize in HOA waste program design and continued management at Global Disposal. Let us help you keep those HOA dues as low as possible while giving your residence great service with customizable options.

How we help your HOA and Waste Management Program

  • Plan waste budget - keep HOA dues as low as possible
  • Give residents flexibility to customize their service without causing extra work for the manager and extra cost for the HOA
  • Negotiate competitive prices for the community
  • Provide community-wide extra services: can cleaning, chute/enclosure cleaning, bulk-item removal, e-waste recycling and more
  • Customer Service - provide residents a platform to solve their waste problems without having to go to the HOA manager or hauler

Post-Development Solutions

What happens when a development project is completed only for the developers to find out there is a big problem with the development’s design making the waste collection difficult or maybe even impossible? Contact the experts! Global Disposal is here to help you solve even your most “impossible” waste problems: the hauler's trucks can’t make the turns in the community, or “oops, we forgot to put in a trash chute,” or HOA budgets that don’t fit the waste program budgets. Contact us today, and we will help you fix the unfixable!

How we help your post-development solution:

  • Work with developers to solve problems not foreseen in the development phase allowing for a more efficient, cost-effective, sustainable, and compliant program
  • Provide ongoing waste program management

How we help

Property Events and Services

One of our primary goals is to be our customers’ one-stop waste shop for waste services.

Waste Audits

Our team will conduct a thorough audit of your waste program including an onsite and invoice audit.

Education and Training

​Educational programs to teach our customers, municipalities, and students about environmental stewardship.

Compliance and Regulation

We have an entire team dedicated to providing consulting for Zero Waste initiatives at the state and local levels.

Contract Negotiation

At Global Disposal, we have been negotiating fair and cost-friendly waste contracts for our clients since 2008.

Save Time and Money

Global Disposal helps your business or municipality save time and money by negotiating better rates and services with vendors.

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